Pakistan Cricket team has a magnificent history record. It has made numerous wonderful titles and also events. Superior efficiency has been received Test, Eventually and also T20 cricket. However in present scenario group is carrying out extremely inadequate. There can be numerous factors behind it. But the major reason and variable of all this failing is the existence of politics in Pakistan Cricket Board. There are many factors supporting this opinion.

Option of chairman of cricket board

Option of PCB chairman is done by Head of state. Head of state is political person. Hence politics participation at the top has deep rooted effects till all-time low as well as additionally at the general performance of team.

Granting central contract

Awarding main agreements to the players also entails politics. A lot of gifted players are maintained in category B or C rather than A. This preference brings about the bad performance of team.

Group option

Option of group is done without the working as a consultant of Captain and Train. Clashes of Shahid Afridi, Captain of Pakistan Cricket group with board verify this point. Poor team with out of balance sides can not carry out well in ground and this brings about bad efficiency.

Captain option

Viewpoint of captain is much more essential in team option. In Pakistan Cricket Board the circumstance is totally various. In last few events captain name is introduced after group option. This method has bad effect on captaincy as well as lowers the confidence of captain. This results in poor performance of group.

Technique of gamers

Occasions of technique failure in the structure in out side structure are common in media. This thing likewise results in inadequate performance of group.

International media propaganda

International media is constantly associated with propaganda versus Pakistan group. We can see this in England Collection, Asif Case, Shoaib Akhtar case or other concerns like round solidifying etc. But PCB is stopped working in re-encountering the publicity. This point lowers the ethical of gamers and also leads to poor efficiency. If Board authorities are totally free to take note of these concerns, it will certainly not be scenario in this variable.

Clashes of staff member/ organizing

Clashes among the gamers or organizing in the group, causes inadequate performance.

This internal national politics of gamers is likewise backed by the leading board experts to satisfy their own passions.

International coach

Mind set of PCB relating to internal instructor is likewise element of inadequate performance. International trainer is given choice over the neighborhood trainer. Regional trainers or ex-players has encounter the Board officials and also thus are not hired. International trainer encounters numerous troubles like recognizing players’ emotions and sensation. Likewise players also deal with problem of language etc to interact with him. This point causes inadequate performance.

Bowling and also batting instructors

Presently group is carrying out bad in batting side. However as opposed to working with batting instructor, group has bowling trainer. This is the duty of board to see where team is weak and also needs renovation.

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